Comment 2 for bug 1740156

Oivind Toien (otoien) wrote :

I see now that it does not crash any longer what you mean regarding the function of the Visibility Render tab’s Ratsnest checkbox, that is needs to be transitioned to off for the local ratnests to work.

A possibility is that the LHS button would work as a filter, when on all are displayed, when off only the local ratnets would be displayed.

The problem might be that since local ratnets are displayed cumulatively they needed a button to clear it to be able to start over and used the LHS button to do that, with a complete off function. (Do we need them to be cumulative? would it not be better that clicking another footprint would swith to another net?)

But that function should rather have been assigned to the RHS button's off state. A problem there is likely that the whole column of RHS buttons work similarly to radio buttons, with only one active at a time. After switching to the selection of for instance to the route track tool one might still want to display the local ratnets.

May be the LHS button when turning ratnets off could clear all ratnets, but not disable the selection of local ones, so that one could start over. And then the tickmark enable/disable both local and global ratnets in parallel.

So we have:
a) LHS button On: turn on global ratnets. Off:Turn off global ratnets and clear all on transition to off, but allow new selection of local ratnets to to be enabled (new).
b) RHS button: Enable selection of local ratnets when selected. Not selected: No no change in ratnets but selectability is set to off. (as now).
c) Checkbox in the render tab: Turn both global and local ratnets visibility on and off (opposed to being in opposite phase now).

In classic canvas this is pretty much how it works except for c) which seem to work similarly to LHS. This is not too bad.

**So what mainly messes up things is a bug that disables selection of local ratnets when LHS button is set to off state in GAL** If it worked like in the classic canvas the functionality would be quite acceptable.

[Alternatively if only one local ratnet was selectable at a time the function of a) could be:
a) LHS button On: turn on global ratnets. Off:Turn off global ratnets. No effect on the local net selection wen transition to off and allow new selection of local ratnets to to be enabled.]