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Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit c00fca4a09942181937794d711643511e3b1e4a5
Author: Ghanshyam Mann <email address hidden>
Date: Fri May 29 16:04:47 2020 -0500

    Make header Case Insensitive

    In case of global-request-id request, Adapter
    send two global request id header
     - "X-OpenStack-Request-ID"
     - "X-Openstack-Request-Id".


    This is becasue of the header not being Case Insensitive
    and end up with two different name of same header with difference
    of cap 'D'.

    Unit test for whether request global-request-id has precedence
    over adapter fail many times because of how different python version
    treat the dict. py3.6 and above are all good as dict maintain the
    insertion ordered but py3.5 can fail it any time.

    We can see consistent failure in py35 jobs:

    Let's make the headers always Case Insensitive which is
    what RFC says.

    Change-Id: Iba707dd0506d22e144aca4fdfc9b140c8e37ae02
    Closes-Bug: #1881351