Comment 0 for bug 1844207

zhufl (zhu-fanglei) wrote :

    def _perform_auth(cls, protocol_id):
        idps = PROVIDERS.federation_api.list_idps()
        for idp in idps:
                remote_id_name = federation_utils.get_remote_id_parameter(
                    idp, protocol_id)
            except exception.FederatedProtocolNotFound:
                # no protocol for this IdP, so this can't be the IdP we're
                # looking for
                continue # zhufl: if no remote_id_name is found, we'll get
                           # "NameError: name 'remote_id' is not defined" exception
                           # in the next line when we first use remote_id before definition.
            remote_id = flask.request.environ.get(remote_id_name)
            if remote_id:
        if not remote_id:
            msg = 'Missing entity ID from environment'
            tr_msg = _('Missing entity ID from environment')
            raise exception.Unauthorized(tr_msg)