Activity log for bug #1610777

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2016-08-08 02:35:27 Anh Tran bug added bug
2016-08-08 02:35:47 Anh Tran keystone: assignee Anh Tran (trananhkma)
2016-08-08 04:06:06 OpenStack Infra keystone: status New In Progress
2016-09-01 03:28:33 Steve Martinelli tags api-ref
2016-09-01 03:28:48 Steve Martinelli summary api-ref: Almost parametes in parameters.yaml have unclear name [api] entries in parameters.yaml have unclear name
2016-09-01 03:28:50 Steve Martinelli keystone: importance Undecided Medium
2016-09-01 03:28:53 Steve Martinelli keystone: status In Progress Fix Released
2016-09-01 03:28:57 Steve Martinelli keystone: milestone newton-3
2016-09-01 03:28:59 Steve Martinelli keystone: importance Medium Wishlist