bionic/linux-gke-5.0: 5.0.0-1023.23~18.04.2 -proposed tracker

Bug #1847930 reported by Khaled El Mously on 2019-10-13
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Kernel SRU Workflow
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Khaled El Mously
Khaled El Mously
Khaled El Mously
Andy Whitcroft
Andy Whitcroft
Andy Whitcroft
Po-Hsu Lin
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linux-gke-5.0 (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

This bug will contain status and test results related to a kernel source (or snap) as stated in the title.

For an explanation of the tasks and the associated workflow see:

-- swm properties --
boot-testing-requested: true
kernel-stable-master-bug: 1846086
  main: linux-gke-5.0
  meta: linux-meta-gke-5.0
  signed: linux-signed-gke-5.0
phase: Complete
phase-changed: Tuesday, 22. October 2019 10:46 UTC
proposed-announcement-sent: true
proposed-testing-requested: true
replaces: bug 1847670
  bionic/linux-gke-5.0/gke-kernel: bug 1847928
variant: debs

tags: added: bionic kernel-release-tracking-bug
Changed in linux-gke-5.0 (Ubuntu Bionic):
status: New → Confirmed
Changed in linux-gke-5.0 (Ubuntu):
status: New → Invalid
Changed in linux-gke-5.0 (Ubuntu Bionic):
importance: Undecided → Medium
tags: added: kernel-release-tracking-bug-live
description: updated
tags: added: kernel-sru-cycle-2019.09.30-4
description: updated
description: updated
tags: added: kernel-sru-backport-of-1846086
Changed in kernel-sru-workflow:
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium
summary: - linux-gke-5.0: <version to be filled> -proposed tracker
+ bionic/linux-gke-5.0: <version to be filled> -proposed tracker
description: updated
summary: - bionic/linux-gke-5.0: <version to be filled> -proposed tracker
+ bionic/linux-gke-5.0: 5.0.0-1023.23~18.04.2 -proposed tracker
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
tags: added: block-proposed-bionic
tags: added: block-proposed
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
Sean Feole (sfeole) on 2019-10-17
tags: added: regression-testing-passed
Po-Hsu Lin (cypressyew) wrote :

5.0.0-1023.23~18.04.2 - gke
Regression test CMPL, RTB.

Issue to note in gke:
  ubuntu_k8s_unit_tests - scheduler and spdy (bug 1824136)
  ubunut_kernel_selftests - cpu-hotplug fail with 1 cpu (bug 1812149) test_bpf in net (bug 1812189) msg_zerocopy in net (bug 1812620) trace_printk in ftrace (bug 1830084)
  ubuntu_ltp - test timeout
  ubuntu_ltp_syscalls - fallocate04, fallocate05, fdatasync03, fremovexattr01, fremovexattr02, fsync01, fsync04, msync04, preadv03, preadv03_64, preadv203, preadv203_64, pwritev03, pwritev03_64, sync03, syncfs01, sync_file_range02, copy_file_range01, statx04 (bug 1842266) fsetxattr01, fgetxattr01, fanotify13, fanotify14, lremovexattr01, setxattr01 (bug 1842266) msgstress03 (bug 1797341) clock_settime01 and stime01

Skipped / blacklisted:
 * libhugetlbfs
 * ubuntu_seccomp

description: updated

Automated testing completed successfully:

The only missing testcase is for fsprotect, which is not relevant. Therefor I'm marking the task manually as 'Fix Released'.

tags: removed: block-proposed-bionic
tags: removed: block-proposed
description: updated
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux-gke-5.0 - 5.0.0-1023.23~18.04.2

linux-gke-5.0 (5.0.0-1023.23~18.04.2) bionic; urgency=medium

  * bionic/linux-gke-5.0: 5.0.0-1023.23~18.04.2 -proposed tracker (LP: #1847930)

  [ Ubuntu: 5.0.0-1021.21 ]

  * disco/linux-gcp: 5.0.0-1021.21 -proposed tracker (LP: #1846086)
  * disco/linux: 5.0.0-32.34 -proposed tracker (LP: #1846097)
  * CVE-2019-14814 // CVE-2019-14815 // CVE-2019-14816
    - mwifiex: Fix three heap overflow at parsing element in cfg80211_ap_settings
  * CVE-2019-15505
    - media: technisat-usb2: break out of loop at end of buffer
  * CVE-2019-2181
    - binder: check for overflow when alloc for security context
  * Support Hi1620 zip hw accelerator (LP: #1845355)
    - [Config] Enable HiSilicon QM/ZIP as modules
    - crypto: hisilicon - add queue management driver for HiSilicon QM module
    - crypto: hisilicon - add hardware SGL support
    - crypto: hisilicon - add HiSilicon ZIP accelerator support
    - crypto: hisilicon - add SRIOV support for ZIP
    - Documentation: Add debugfs doc for hisi_zip
    - crypto: hisilicon - add debugfs for ZIP and QM
    - MAINTAINERS: add maintainer for HiSilicon QM and ZIP controller driver
    - crypto: hisilicon - fix kbuild warnings
    - crypto: hisilicon - add dependency for CRYPTO_DEV_HISI_ZIP
    - crypto: hisilicon - init curr_sgl_dma to fix compile warning
    - crypto: hisilicon - add missing single_release
    - crypto: hisilicon - fix error handle in hisi_zip_create_req_q
    - crypto: hisilicon - Fix warning on printing %p with dma_addr_t
    - crypto: hisilicon - Fix return value check in hisi_zip_acompress()
    - crypto: hisilicon - avoid unused function warning
  * xfrm interface: several kernel panic (LP: #1836261)
    - xfrm interface: fix memory leak on creation
    - xfrm interface: avoid corruption on changelink
    - xfrm interface: ifname may be wrong in logs
    - xfrm interface: fix list corruption for x-netns
    - xfrm interface: fix management of phydev
  * shiftfs: drop entries from cache on unlink (LP: #1841977)
    - SAUCE: shiftfs: fix buggy unlink logic
  * shiftfs: mark kmem_cache as reclaimable (LP: #1842059)
    - SAUCE: shiftfs: mark slab objects SLAB_RECLAIM_ACCOUNT
  * Suspend to RAM(S3) does not wake up for latest megaraid and mpt3sas
    adapters(SAS3.5 onwards) (LP: #1838751)
    - PCI: Restore Resizable BAR size bits correctly for 1MB BARs
  * No sound inputs from the external microphone and headset on a Dell machine
    (LP: #1842265)
    - ALSA: hda - Expand pin_match function to match upcoming new tbls
    - ALSA: hda - Define a fallback_pin_fixup_tbl for alc269 family
  * Add -fcf-protection=none when using retpoline flags (LP: #1843291)
    - SAUCE: kbuild: add -fcf-protection=none when using retpoline flags
  * Disco update: upstream stable patchset 2019-09-25 (LP: #1845390)
    - bridge/mdb: remove wrong use of NLM_F_MULTI
    - cdc_ether: fix rndis support for Mediatek based smartphones
    - ipv6: Fix the link time qualifier of 'ping_v6_proc_exit_net()'
    - isdn/capi: check message length in capi_write()
    - ixgbe: Fix secpath usage for IPsec TX offload.
    - net: Fix nul...

Changed in linux-gke-5.0 (Ubuntu Bionic):
status: Confirmed → Fix Released
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated

All tasks have been completed and the bug is being set to Fix Released

Changed in kernel-sru-workflow:
status: In Progress → Fix Released
tags: removed: kernel-release-tracking-bug-live
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