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Bug #1815103 reported by Seth Forshee on 2019-02-07
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Seth Forshee
Seth Forshee
Seth Forshee
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linux (Ubuntu)
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Bug Description

This bug is for tracking the <version to be filled> upload package. This bug will contain status and testing results related to that upload.

For an explanation of the tasks and the associated workflow see:

-- swm properties --
phase: Release
phase-changed: Wednesday, 13. February 2019 16:36 UTC
proposed-announcement-sent: true
proposed-testing-requested: true

CVE References

Seth Forshee (sforshee) on 2019-02-07
tags: added: kernel-release-tracking-bug
tags: added: kernel-release-tracking-bug-live
tags: added: disco
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Disco):
status: New → Confirmed
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → Medium
Changed in kernel-sru-workflow:
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium
tags: added: kernel-sru-cycle-d2019.02.07-1
tags: added: kernel-sru-master-kernel
description: updated
summary: - linux: <version to be filled> -proposed tracker
+ linux: 4.19.0-13.14 -proposed tracker
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2019-02-07
description: updated
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2019-02-08
tags: added: block-proposed-disco
tags: added: block-proposed
description: updated
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2019-02-08
description: updated
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2019-02-08
description: updated
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2019-02-12
description: updated
Seth Forshee (sforshee) on 2019-02-13
tags: added: regression-testing-passed
Brad Figg (brad-figg) on 2019-02-13
tags: removed: block-proposed-disco
tags: removed: block-proposed
description: updated
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 4.19.0-13.14

linux (4.19.0-13.14) disco; urgency=medium

  * linux: 4.19.0-13.14 -proposed tracker (LP: #1815103)

  * linux-buildinfo: pull out ABI information into its own package
    (LP: #1806380)
    - [Packaging] autoreconstruct -- base tag is always primary mainline version

  * [Packaging] Allow overlay of config annotations (LP: #1752072)
    - [Packaging] config-check: Add an include directive

  * Disco update: 4.19.20 upstream stable release (LP: #1815090)
    - Fix "net: ipv4: do not handle duplicate fragments as overlapping"
    - drm/msm/gpu: fix building without debugfs
    - ipv6: Consider sk_bound_dev_if when binding a socket to an address
    - ipv6: sr: clear IP6CB(skb) on SRH ip4ip6 encapsulation
    - ipvlan, l3mdev: fix broken l3s mode wrt local routes
    - l2tp: copy 4 more bytes to linear part if necessary
    - l2tp: fix reading optional fields of L2TPv3
    - net: ip_gre: always reports o_key to userspace
    - net: ip_gre: use erspan key field for tunnel lookup
    - net/mlx4_core: Add masking for a few queries on HCA caps
    - netrom: switch to sock timer API
    - net/rose: fix NULL ax25_cb kernel panic
    - net: set default network namespace in init_dummy_netdev()
    - ravb: expand rx descriptor data to accommodate hw checksum
    - sctp: improve the events for sctp stream reset
    - tun: move the call to tun_set_real_num_queues
    - ucc_geth: Reset BQL queue when stopping device
    - net: ip6_gre: always reports o_key to userspace
    - sctp: improve the events for sctp stream adding
    - net/mlx5e: Allow MAC invalidation while spoofchk is ON
    - ip6mr: Fix notifiers call on mroute_clean_tables()
    - Revert "net/mlx5e: E-Switch, Initialize eswitch only if eswitch manager"
    - sctp: set chunk transport correctly when it's a new asoc
    - sctp: set flow sport from saddr only when it's 0
    - virtio_net: Don't enable NAPI when interface is down
    - virtio_net: Don't call free_old_xmit_skbs for xdp_frames
    - virtio_net: Fix not restoring real_num_rx_queues
    - virtio_net: Fix out of bounds access of sq
    - virtio_net: Don't process redirected XDP frames when XDP is disabled
    - virtio_net: Use xdp_return_frame to free xdp_frames on destroying vqs
    - virtio_net: Differentiate sk_buff and xdp_frame on freeing
    - CIFS: Do not count -ENODATA as failure for query directory
    - CIFS: Fix trace command logging for SMB2 reads and writes
    - CIFS: Do not consider -ENODATA as stat failure for reads
    - fs/dcache: Fix incorrect nr_dentry_unused accounting in shrink_dcache_sb()
    - iommu/vt-d: Fix memory leak in intel_iommu_put_resv_regions()
    - selftests/seccomp: Enhance per-arch ptrace syscall skip tests
    - NFS: Fix up return value on fatal errors in nfs_page_async_flush()
    - ARM: cns3xxx: Fix writing to wrong PCI config registers after alignment
    - arm64: kaslr: ensure randomized quantities are clean also when kaslr is off
    - arm64: Do not issue IPIs for user executable ptes
    - arm64: hyp-stub: Forbid kprobing of the hyp-stub
    - arm64: hibernate: Clean the __hyp_text to PoC after resume
    - gpio: altera...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Disco):
status: Confirmed → Fix Released

All tasks have been completed and the bug is being set to Fix Released

Changed in kernel-sru-workflow:
status: In Progress → Fix Released
description: updated
tags: removed: kernel-release-tracking-bug-live
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