5.0: Granular Routing policy. Adding a AS-path with the same AS value as the cluster AS removes all interface routes. This should be blocked from being created in the first place.

Bug #1753992 reported by Shashikiran H on 2018-03-07
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Juniper Openstack
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Sahil Sabharwal
Fix Committed
Sahil Sabharwal

Bug Description

Version: 5.0
Picked up the latest build.

Topo: cfgm control ui openstack cfgm control cfgm control vrouter vrouter

left-vn --- right-vn

If I have a routing-policy on the left-vn appending AS path with the same value as cluster AS, the bgp nodes will not accept the routes because they have their "own" as in the bgp attribute. So, these routes are removed from the vrf on both left and right vrf.
Instead, check has to be made to see if the value being appended is the same as the cluster AS. If yes, the configuration should not be allowed at all.

Manoj (manojgn) wrote :

This check has to be done in the backend and the API should throw error.

tags: added: confi
removed: ui
tags: added: config
removed: confi
Nikhil Bansal (nikhilb-u) wrote :

This is a misconfig where we would need to go deep into each policy at the time it is linked to a Routing Instance. We can target it for next release.

Review in progress for https://review.opencontrail.org/43556
Submitter: <email address hidden> (<email address hidden>)

OpenContrail Admin (ci-admin-f) wrote :

Review in progress for https://review.opencontrail.org/44584
Submitter: <email address hidden> (<email address hidden>)

Review in progress for https://review.opencontrail.org/44617
Submitter: <email address hidden> (<email address hidden>)

Reviewed: https://review.opencontrail.org/44617
Committed: http://github.com/Juniper/contrail-controller/commit/4ece1ab5275f17a45175d2d8c55227437edf8e02
Submitter: Zuul v3 CI (<email address hidden>)
Branch: R5.0

commit 4ece1ab5275f17a45175d2d8c55227437edf8e02
Author: Sahil <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 5 17:16:25 2018 -0700

[api-server]: check for rp AS path != global AS

Added a check in api-server to make sure that granular routing policy
AS path is not same as global AS path.

Change-Id: Ic7e290b45d95cf5d1ca8a4e918a150bb0c38c920
Closes-Bug: #1753992

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