Comment 85 for bug 1599654

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: R3.0

commit c1ec7d90fdea91d0453efecb68c1d27f333248a1
Author: Megh Bhatt <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Jun 13 19:26:54 2016 -0700

1. fabric changes for cloud admin access to contrail-analytics-api

Use the multi tenancy flag and the orchestrator to decide to enable
or disable cloud admin access to contrail-analytics-api


Partial-Bug: #1461175
(cherry picked from commit 4ef98bb9a1540495e1e99e6dcde480fd292de3d9)

2. Fabric changes to rename analytics_multi_tenancy to analytics_aaa_mode

Rename analytics_multi_tenancy to analytics_aaa_mode which can have
values "no-auth" and "cloud-admin-only". Also set it to
"cloud-admin-only" by default

Partial-Bug: #1599654
(cherry picked from commit 0e2b8dab64a704fe01415b71365e23e618e783a5)

3. Changes to bring analytics authenticated access in sync with config

1. Rename cloud-admin-only to cloud-admin for analytics AAA mode
2. Add parameter cloud_admin_role to allow users to set the cloud-admon
role name in

Closes-Bug: #1607563
(cherry picked from commit c9c33da72474854ec0d4e12bbce593d278d7b378)

Change-Id: I73ff8d47ccc2c693f4531cfc9d1b40eab16e70d7