Comment 84 for bug 1599654

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 051a2c1851419b7081db5e611a40ebc57235b52f
Author: Megh Bhatt <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 12 16:34:17 2016 -0700

1. Rename multi_tenancy to aaa_mode for analytics API

Handle keystone v2 and v3 token infos returned by
VNC API. Enable cloud-admin-only aaa_mode by default

Change analytics DB and underlay to overlay mapper to
use local admin port when quering opserver

Do not cache auth_token in vnc lib

Closes-Bug: #1599654

2. Changes to bring analytics authenticated access in sync with config

1. Rename aaa_mode value cloud-admin-only to cloud-admin
2. CLOUD_ADMIN_ROLE defaults to admin instead of cloud-admin

Partial-Bug: #1607563
(cherry picked from commit 42db6e38e55bc2410297a99c2af3bea03faa938c)

3. Fix missing import of OpServerUtils in

Closes-Bug: #1609054
(cherry picked from commit cf5f0567c9bb03e83cd83515b775d2018e668d0c)

4. Remove aaa_mode value cloud-admin-only

Closes-Bug: #1609987
(cherry picked from commit 58a8a0fe3a404b5e6a11b01008064b96ed66109e)

5. Keep on trying to create VNC API client from analytics API

The gevent that creates the VNC API client was exiting due to
authentication failure exception. Changed code to handle all
exceptions and keep on trying to create the API client. The
node status will show the API connection down in case we are
not able to create the VNC API client.

Closes-Bug: #1611158
(cherry picked from commit 8072aa5ffd37e4082d7ae9697020a6160e8d2682)

6. Change the obj-perms API to pass in the user token in HTTP headers

With PKI tokens, when user token was passed in query parameters for
obj-perms API the token was getting truncated. Changed the API
to accept user token in X-USER-TOKEN HTTP header.

Closes-Bug: #1614376


7. Fix issue with retrieving the db usage info in analytics-api

Closes-Bug: #1614285
(cherry picked from commit 0ec8bf74ba106d655b9a72398f0c9380c2755497)

Change-Id: Id715e40fe3996964b5298da1cd63c248243071dd