Comment 3 for bug 863526

William Reade (fwereade) wrote :

charm download:

Agreed not necessary. I believe it's not actively harmful, though... have I missed something?


As I recall, this has always been run automatically when a unit starts up; again, it may be redundant, but I don't *think* it'll be harmful.

missing machine:

Hmm, I guess we should filter slightly differently in the ec2 provider -- we should include stopped machines but not terminated ones. (we should also not filter whatever the moving-to-stopped state is ("shutting-down"?)... and if that means we still see machines in the process of termination, so be it).

IMO these are 3 distinct bugs, and I don't personally see the first two as very high priority; I'm not entirely clear on the ramifications of a config-changed change, but the others should be pretty trivial to fix. Opinions?