error message when running action with --wait

Bug #1855084 reported by Edward Hope-Morley on 2019-12-04
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Ian Booth
Ian Booth

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I have upgraded my Juju client and model to 2.7 and I performing some actions on my units. When I do an action with a --wait I get e.g.

juju run-action cinder/1 openstack-upgrade --wait
ERROR identifier "6" matched multiple actions [action-6 action-60a4ddfd-3081-4115-87d5-84ff98d8199d action-61e80e37-ffc3-47a2-8004-96572e763a37 action-61fb322e-bdd0-41ef-84f6-3370a9ed4f78 action-643
3dfce-ac3a-4e63-8883-3f0ac20f3225 action-64f561b3-ea65-4785-87a0-98ca5b5d41ff action-6568f02d-2c39-42e6-85ca-e051ba414fa1 action-66301442-33aa-46e6-88b7-e47e683b80c2 action-66cefc01-469b-4972-831d-8
e8836713b75 action-674cae97-8e0c-430c-81e9-1a6dae67bd07 action-67d27cd5-c53f-4cb0-83b0-f6abfbd39b1d action-67dc4d02-2230-483b-89e8-21b4fbcfa993 action-6a5de8cf-353d-44d2-8be4-62730e3434a8 action-6bd
e61c5-963e-48b1-8944-68a1486b2c0f action-6cd6bf8a-7bbb-4c5b-8de1-bc4a0e40a82a action-6cdc4c34-c869-4a4d-8430-ce611dcd2df9 action-6d0723c4-0a7b-46a1-8e5c-b7bfd80932f2 action-6fe6b7b1-2cbb-4f39-8ca3-0

The action completes successfully so this isn't a critical problem but --wait did not work due to ^^

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Edward Hope-Morley (hopem) wrote :

I think i see whats happened. If i run another action without --wait it does:

> juju run-action cinder/2 openstack-upgrade
Action queued with id: "7"

i.e. it is not returning the full action uuid

tags: added: sts
Edward Hope-Morley (hopem) wrote :

> juju show-action-status| grep -A 5 openstack-upgrade| tail -n 5
  completed at: n/a
  id: "7"
  status: running
  unit: cinder/2
- action: juju-run

Changed in juju:
status: New → Triaged
importance: Undecided → High
milestone: none → 2.7.1
milestone: 2.7.1 → 2.8-beta1
Edward Hope-Morley (hopem) wrote :

> juju show-action-status 9
- action: openstack-upgrade
  completed at: n/a
  id: "9"
  status: running
  unit: glance/1
- action: juju-run
  completed at: "2019-11-28 19:49:13"
  id: 91459e97-6f34-4654-8590-25d0ba2c6eb2
  status: completed
  unit: machine-1-lxd-15
- action: juju-run
  completed at: "2019-11-21 23:50:59"
  id: 9859c779-0415-4b40-875d-065c1c14964a
  status: completed
  unit: nova-compute/15
- action: juju-run
  completed at: "2019-11-22 00:09:52"
  id: 9c46019d-7f99-4a50-802f-86c8507d393e
  status: completed
  unit: nova-compute/29
- action: juju-run
  completed at: "2019-11-28 19:49:13"
  id: 9cb5df5d-9062-4385-8490-bb21400f7e00
  status: completed
  unit: machine-0-lxd-2
- action: juju-run
  completed at: "2019-11-28 19:49:16"
  id: 9d772689-3182-4176-8598-def799d53b7d
  status: completed
  unit: machine-2-lxd-4
- action: juju-run
  completed at: "2019-11-28 19:49:13"
  id: 9e7faa5e-e568-4c97-81c1-f2fbe06d22c4
  status: completed
  unit: machine-0-lxd-1
- action: juju-run
  completed at: "2019-11-21 23:44:27"
  id: 9ee8a9f3-e9bd-4596-82d0-2888a6895b84
  status: completed
  unit: nova-compute/13

Joseph Phillips (manadart) wrote :

This appears to be an issue with "FindActionTagsById" in the state package.

It tries to be compatible with both the new and old ID form, but just matches anything having the supplied prefix.

filter := bson.D{{"$or", []bson.D{
    {{"_id", bson.D{{"$regex", "^" + matchValue}}}},
    {{"_id", matchValue}},

Ian Booth (wallyworld) wrote :

As a work around you can use the new, improved CLI. This only needs to be enabled on the client.

On Wed, 2019-12-04 at 11:29 +0000, Ian Booth wrote:
> As a work around you can use the new, improved CLI. This only needs
> to be enabled on the client.

JUJU_DEV_FEATURE_FLAGS=juju-v3 juju show-operation 13
ERROR identifier "13" matched multiple actions [action-13 action-
1359c0d6-8468-4ac7-82ab-e748ced4239e action-139f5041-ab38-4a30-843c-

The problem is the same with the new client.

Changed in juju:
assignee: nobody → Ian Booth (wallyworld)
Ian Booth (wallyworld) on 2019-12-04
Changed in juju:
assignee: Ian Booth (wallyworld) → nobody
Ian Booth (wallyworld) on 2019-12-10
Changed in juju:
assignee: nobody → Ian Booth (wallyworld)
status: Triaged → Fix Committed
Pedro Guimarães (pguimaraes) wrote :

Hi, I am facing the same issue. I had a controller upgraded from 2.6.10 to 2.7.0. The fix being in 2.7.1, does that mean I should upgrade the controller again?

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