Comment 3 for bug 1771885

"When MAAS deploys a node it will configure its resolver accordingly; in the case where the above settings are made and you are deploying Linux:

    The servers' resolv.conf file will have the IP address for the MAAS Region controller
    The BIND installation on the MAAS Region controller will have a forwarders entry set up for the addresses you provide.

The effect is that queries on the node will be sent to MAAS, which will resolve directly for queries in domains which it manages (by default, *.maas), and forward requests for everything else to the forwarder." - (

When a container is created our MAAS provider code does not populate the container's DSN search domain by directly asking MAAS for that information. AFAIK, the provisioner code has a fallback heuristic that says "If I didn't get my DNS information from the provider then find it in the host's configuration."

On Xenial hosts, scraping the host for this information worked fine since MAAS plugs resolve.conf with the needed information. On Bionic hosts, something else is happening.

In short, maybe we should be getting this information directly from MAAS instead of getting it from what MAAS told the host machine.

In our case the netplan.yaml gets populated with information from a MAAS device (among other things). It might be sufficient to populate the search domain with the domain of the MASS device's FQDN which by default should be "maas". Another solution could be to ask MAAS in a more direct fashion (i.e GET /api/2.0/domains/).