Comment 25 for bug 1771885

Andres Rodriguez (andreserl) wrote :

I'm re-opening this task for MAAS, as a user has been able to reproduce this issue in a different context. While there's a work-around on comment #22, the situation is that even when the same network configuration sent for xenial and bionic deployments is the same, the configuration differs, due to how cloud-init handles netplan configuration.

More specifically, in Xenial, when MAAS sends DNS config for both "global" and per-interface/subnet configuration, the resulting config is that the machine will have an aggregation of the configuration for DNS.

However, when deploying Bionic, when MAAS sends the same exact configuration, cloud-init interpret's it different and *only* the network configuration of an interface is taken into consideration, while the global is ignored.

As such, this *only* becomes an issue when the user overrides the DNS on specific subnet, which results in the search domain not being considered from the global config.

As such, we will make an improvement in MAAS to ensure that the search domain is always included regardless.