Comment 4 for bug 1760390

I did a bootstrap on bionic with the updated hacked branch mentioned in the
previous comment.
As expected 'juju enable-ha' failed with the mongo peers not being
healthy. (since all replicas were only binding to localhost, none of them
could talk to each other.)

While they were running, I used "lxc exec ... bash" to get into each
machine, and then edited:
to set it to:
ExecStart=/usr/bin/mongod --dbpath '/var/lib/juju/db' --sslPEMKeyFile
'/var/lib/juju/server.pem' --sslPEMKeyPassword=ignored --port 37017
--syslog --journal --replSet juju --quiet --oplogSize 512 --ipv6 --auth
--keyFile '/var/lib/juju/shared-secret' --sslMode requireSSL
--storageEngine wiredTiger --wiredTigerCacheSizeGB 1 --bind_ip_all

(I just appended --bind_ip_all)

I then ran
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart juju-db

After doing that on all 3 units, the replicaset became happy, and juju
Machine State DNS Inst id Series AZ Message
0 started juju-160f73-0 bionic Running
1 started juju-160f73-1 bionic Running
2 started juju-160f73-2 bionic Running

juju show-controller
      instance-id: juju-160f73-0
      ha-status: ha-enabled
      instance-id: juju-160f73-1
      ha-status: ha-enabled
      instance-id: juju-160f73-2
      ha-status: ha-enabled

So everything seems to be happy.

On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 5:32 PM, John A Meinel <email address hidden>

> Note that those associated patches get the unit tests to run with Mongo
> 3.6 (if you have it locally), but does not provide everything needed to
> support 3.6 for "juju bootstrap". (We know we at least need to be
> passing --bind_ip_all to mongod startup when in HA mode.)
> We are currently waiting for a 3.6 to be available in some sort of PPA
> or the Bionic archive to finish testing bootstrap.
> See also bugs that were about upgrading to mongo 3.4 like:
> And
> which is a spike to have Juju 2.3 support installing 'mongodb-server-
> core' on Bionic. Which might evolve to be Mongo 3.6 at which point we'll
> need to change the command line parameters we are passing.
> There may be other issues supporting 3.6 but at least the test suite
> passes.
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