Comment 0 for bug 1090716

If a GUI charm is providing the GUI interface, unexposing or deleting the charm will cause the GUI to immediately stop working.

We discussed a number of approaches to addressing this, ranging from doing nothing, through providing custom warnings, to hiding the GUI charm in the GUI.

The consensus solution is to hide the GUI charm.

As far as I can tell, we simply need to be able to filter on charm name, but this needs to be confirmed. Kapil mentioned filtering on charm tags, but that is not mentioned in so I'm currently guessing that charm tags are not yet implemented.

We also need to agree on a method of filtering. Ideally, in my opinion, we would still have the charm in the database but not rendered: this means that our data store is correct, and prepares us for a future in which we can offer an option to reveal hidden charms. However, that fights our current implementation, in which we simply render what is in the database, and events from the database are always pertinent. If we can come up with a way to achieve this quickly, that would be nice.