Comment 6 for bug 1303880

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) wrote :

I removed <regression> because this change is by design. The affected users are all edge cases we understood. The real bug here is that neither the release not stated that the behaviour was different and that Juju doesn't show an error message asking for the series to be specified.

I can update the docs and make announcements about the de-supporting of ambiguous charms.

When juju doesn't know the series to deploy with, juju could show a message like this:
    The series is not specified in the environment (default-series) or with the charm. Did you mean:

^ can we rewrite the charm url to hint what the user could have typed. I suggest "precise" since that is the only series that is ambiguous in this case.

Oh! maybe want the local template for environments.yaml (juju init) to include
    # The default series to deploy the state-server and charms on.
    # default-series: precise