Comment 0 for bug 1303880

Last night I upgraded to juju 1.18 as per:

nessita@dali:~/canonical/cpi/current$ apt-cache policy juju-core
  Installed: 1.18.0-0ubuntu13.10.1~juju1
  Candidate: 1.18.0-0ubuntu13.10.1~juju1

When trying to deploy the solr-jetty charm from:

lp:~ubuntuone-pqm-team/canonical-is-charms/solr-jetty/ at revno 15

I get this error:

$ juju deploy -e local --repository=./../.juju-repo local:solr-jetty solr-jetty --debug
2014-04-07 15:22:47 INFO juju.cmd supercommand.go:297 running juju-1.18.0-saucy-amd64 [gc]
2014-04-07 15:22:47 DEBUG juju api.go:171 trying cached API connection settings
2014-04-07 15:22:47 INFO juju api.go:238 connecting to API addresses: []
2014-04-07 15:22:47 INFO juju apiclient.go:114 state/api: dialing "wss://"
2014-04-07 15:22:47 INFO juju apiclient.go:124 state/api: connection established
2014-04-07 15:22:47 ERROR juju.cmd supercommand.go:300 only charm store charm references are supported, with cs: schema

The same charm was working OK with 1.17.6 (confirmed).