Cannot do nested iteration over hash tables

Bug #1010493 reported by Patrick Stein on 2012-06-08
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From the iterate website

Can't iterate over nested Hashtables

Found by Bob Hutchison. It's related to 2.1, "Macrolets in the iterate form":

 (iter (for (k1 v1) in-hashtable ht1)
       (iter (for (k2 v2) in-hashtable ht2)
             (format t "~A ~A~%" k1 k2)))
This fails with the typical macrolet error. Why? Hah.

It's the fault of the new IN-HASHTABLE code that makes use of WITH-HASHTABLE-ITERATOR. The iterator is specified to be defined by a symbol-macrolet. I think we'll have to make a rudimentary macrolet walker. Argh. Hmpf.

This affects nested package walking, as well. A solution to one will probably be a solution to both.

Patrick Stein (nklein) wrote :

See Bug #1010497 for more information about macro lets in the iterate form.

Robert P. Goldman (rpgoldman) wrote :

What is "the typical macrolet error"? Anyone know?

Patrick Stein (nklein) wrote :

I took that to mean Bug #1010497

The walker calls macroexpand when there is a macro function declared for the car of a list. But, it can't really do the same when it's a macrolet or symbol-macrolet.

Attila Lendvai (attila-lendvai) wrote :

walking macrolet, and generally dealing with lexical bindings, requires a much smarter walker.

in hu.dwim.reiterate it works because it uses hu.dwim.walker, but the transitive closure of dependencies are much more than for iterate...

and the lexenv handling also requires a portability layer.

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