Comment 3 for bug 1618754

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit a7310377e27bbce454b8a7a6b943cc5b7a45bbad
Author: Vladyslav Drok <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 25 20:08:14 2016 +0000

    Add PortGroups API

    This patch adds the portgroups API object and REST controller
    to Ironic. Additionally this patch provides a PortgroupsCollection
    class and PortgroupsPatch class. API version has been bumped to 1.23.

    This commit includes changes to:
    - the API (addition of portgroup API)
    - the API tests

    Partial-bug: #1618754
    Co-Authored-By: Jenny Moorehead <email address hidden>
    Co-Authored-By: Will Stevenson <email address hidden>
    Co-Authored-By: Vasyl Saienko <email address hidden>
    Co-Authored-By: Vladyslav Drok <email address hidden>
    Co-Authored-By: Zhenguo Niu <email address hidden>
    Co-Authored-By: Michael Turek<email address hidden>
    Change-Id: I03ab55c15c1ee2fdd4b2786e366f9502c1ad8972