Comment 17 for bug 1526231

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit aab505a69842beb776410761d451d13a132bd3d2
Author: Satoru Moriya <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Feb 26 19:52:54 2016 +0900

    Add RPCs to support volume target operations

    This patch adds the following two RPCs in order to support
    volume target operations in Ironic.

    - update_volume_target()
      This function is called to update the information about a volume
      target that is stored in the database.

    - destroy_volume_target()
      This function is called to remove a volume target from the database.

    Co-Authored-By: Stephane Miller <email address hidden>
    Co-Authored-By: Ruby Loo <email address hidden>
    Change-Id: I2925c081da4bb0a77edd5c579f92aaa0f5999b78
    Partial-Bug: 1526231