Assert failed: infoParts.Length

Bug #949476 reported by ile on 2012-03-07
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Alexander Regueiro

Bug Description

Not sure if this is really a bug, but still an issue of some kind maybe?

See the screenshot.

ile (ilkkah) wrote :
ile (ilkkah) wrote :

Maybe the code could do parsing, like extract the info (ServerClientsCount, ServerServersCount) from the message with regexps?

Alexander Regueiro (alexreg) wrote :

Sounds like you're connecting to a non-standard/compliant server. Maybe you could paste the traffic log (see trace/debug window).

ile (ilkkah) wrote :

Sure, here you are. There was something strange in there (Unknown IRC message command '042').

I don't see that particular line in which was in the screenshot though.

01:19:46 Connecting to server...
01:19:47 Connected to server at 'Unspecified/'.
01:19:47 () <<< PASS :
01:19:47 () <<< NICK :ilexxxxx
01:19:47 () <<< USER ilexxxxx 0 * :ilexxxxx
01:19:48 Unknown IRC message command '020'.
01:19:48 () >>> 020 * :Please wait while we process your connection.
'UI Task' (Managed): Loaded 'System.SR.dll'
A first chance exception of type 'System.IO.EndOfStreamException' occurred in mscorlib.dll
01:19:48 () >>> 461 * PASS :Not enough parameters
01:19:48 () >>> 001 ilexxxxx :Welcome to the Internet Relay Network ilexxxxx!
01:19:48 () >>> 002 ilexxxxx :Your host is, running version 2.11.2p3
01:19:48 () >>> 003 ilexxxxx :This server was created Thu Sep 15 2011 at 17:57:40 EEST
01:19:48 () <<< JOIN :
01:19:48 () >>> 004 ilexxxxx 2.11.2p3 aoOirw abeiIklmnoOpqrRstv
01:19:48 () >>> 005 ilexxxxx RFC2812 PREFIX=(ov)@+ CHANTYPES=#&!+ MODES=3 CHANLIMIT=#&!+:30 NICKLEN=15 TOPICLEN=255 KICKLEN=255 MAXLIST=beIR:64 CHANNELLEN=50 IDCHAN=!:5 CHANMODES=beIR,k,l,imnpstaqr :are supported by this server
01:19:48 () >>> 005 ilexxxxx PENALTY FNC EXCEPTS=e INVEX=I CASEMAPPING=ascii NETWORK=IRCnet :are supported by this server
01:19:48 Unknown IRC message command '042'.
01:19:48 () >>> 042 ilexxxxx 246EAAQOU :your unique ID
01:19:48 () >>> 251 ilexxxxx :There are 58417 users and 7 services on 36 servers
01:19:48 () >>> 252 ilexxxxx 104 :operators online
01:19:48 () >>> 253 ilexxxxx 1 :unknown connections
01:19:48 () >>> 254 ilexxxxx 33330 :channels formed
A first chance exception of type 'System.IO.EndOfStreamException' occurred in mscorlib.dll
Silverlight AppDomainAssertAssertion Failed
   at DefaultTraceListener.AssertFailure(String File, Int32 Line, String Expr)
   at DefaultTraceListener.Fail(String message, String detailMessage)
   at DefaultTraceListener.Fail(String message)
   at TraceInternal.Fail(String message)
   at TraceInternal.Assert(Boolean condition)
   at Debug.Assert(Boolean condition)
   at IrcClient.ProcessMessageLUserMe(IrcMessage message)
   at IrcClient.ReadMessage(IrcMessage message, String line)
   at IrcClient.ReceiveCompleted(Object sender, SocketAsyncEventArgs e)
   at SocketAsyncEventArgs.OnCompleted(SocketAsyncEventArgs e)
   at SocketAsyncEventArgs.OnCompletedInternal(SocketAsyncEventArgs e)
   at SocketAsyncEventArgs.FinishOpera

Alexander Regueiro (alexreg) wrote :

Okay, I agree this is probably a deficiency in the message handling routines. It could be the server acting non-compliantly, but the IRC protocol can be rather vague, and this is one of the instances. I've provided a fix anyway, and it should be available on the GitHub repo now.

Changed in ircdotnet:
assignee: nobody → Alex Regueiro (alexreg)
importance: Undecided → Medium
status: New → Confirmed
status: Confirmed → Fix Committed
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