Comment 3 for bug 1591618

Phidias (phidias-chiang) wrote :

>> HS-UART and I2C:
> Already in linux-next (19063e1)
clean picked as SAUCE

>> SPI: 704d2b0 spi: pxa2xx: Add support for Intel Kaby Lake PCH-H (v4.8)
> In mainline since 4.8-rc1
Already in 4.4.0-36

> No one responded to the submitted patch, but it is trivial.

>> NPK: 7a1a47c intel_th: pci: Add Kaby Lake PCH-H support (v4.8)
>Already in Xenial master-next

>> USBD: 4491ed5 usb: dwc3: pci: add Intel Kabylake PCI ID (v4.8)
> In mainline since 4.8-rc3
Also in 4.4.0-36