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Hi all,

I'm eager to use Inkscape, but right now it is difficult
because I cannot reuse most of my previous work. I
understand that you prefer to focus on the SVG format
now, but in the future, would it be possible to
import/export Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) with

EPS is a variant of PS and it is maybe the only standard
format for vector drawing. EPS is imported/exported by
well-known vector drawing applications, such as Adobe
Illustrator or Xfig. (The latter is still in use for scientific
papers figure drawing in Unix-only labs.)

Anyway, thanks for pushing forward the boundaries of
vector graphics with Inkscape!


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Mrdocs-users (mrdocs-users) wrote :

Following a chat with mental in #scribus, I would recommend
seriously looking at the new Scribus importer, as it imports
all the EPS/PS as editable vectors (embedded images are not
yet supported) .

This could be done as an extention, as it would require
Ghostscript as a depedency, but we are very pleased with the
results so far.

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Ted Gould (ted) wrote :

Saving as EPS is currently supported in CVS... it isn't
great, but it is workable.

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Dmab (dmab) wrote :

Thank you guys for your answers!

I will have a look at the EPS export when it will be released in
the next stable version of Inkscape (0.40?). But, gouldtj, do
you know if something is planned for EPS import?

Concerning Scribus, I haven't tried since I'm right now under
MSWinXP. But I'll try as soon as I can !

Thanks again!


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Ted Gould (ted) wrote :

Some of the scribus folks are working on a Ghostscript
backend for SVG. This would allow any format that
Ghostscript can input would be importable by Inkscape when
that gets released. That's the only concrete way that I see
EPS import happening in a free way. But, if you use
pstoedit you can do it - but the SVG support is shareware :(
 If you decide to purchase pstoedit, I can show you how to
integrate it into Inkscape.

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Dmab (dmab) wrote :

Hi Ted,

Thanks for the tip concerning pstoedit. Since I am not in a
hurry right now, I think I'll wait for the Ghostscript backend
for SVG.

Thanks again to you and all the Inkscape folks!


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Arose-users (arose-users) wrote :

Workaround: convert the .eps to .sk with pstoedit, then to
.svg with skconvert.

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Buliabyak-users (buliabyak-users) wrote :

Originator: NO

we now use pstoedit for eps import, also in svn version you can run ps2pdf
from ghostscript and import pdf (much better).

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