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We need some sort of hyperlinking and some idea of
hyperlinking anchors.

Just imagine, it would be killer to be able to click on
an area and it zooms/pans you to another part of the
document...or to another document.

There is a stub for hyperlinking in the code:

src/object-ui.cpp: sp_anchor_link_follow()

Here is the w3c page on linking in SVG 1.1:


I'm thinking that hyperlinking to external web should
be pretty simple to implement, but I don't know about
linking in the document. I really though think that
being able to take some form of snapshot of the viewing
window, which would take the current zoom, and center
x/y position would be cool to make an anchor within a
docuement to click and be transported to different
sections of a document. This would be excellent in
BULIA's new MOUSE and KEYS help tutorial, as you could
click on an area and be transported to another area.
Simply, if we support fully hyperlinking, then the
anchor tag would support this, because depending on how
much code was between an <a> and </a> the current zoom
could be factored depening on the objects size inside
the <a> tag.

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Kidproto (kidproto) wrote :

Yeah, I just read a little further on w3c's site. Check this


That is exactly what I'm talking about as an anchor to
another section of the document. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT
move around on a map, or large file without having to have
multiple files!!!! You could develop a presentation with
various levels of detail.

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Rele-users (rele-users) wrote :

Dear Inkscape team,

Since I had to use Inkscape once for a challenging task
which I still cannot solve with OpenOffice.org, MS Office,
The GIMP or other programs I know, I love Inkscape and
recommend it whenever I can.

But how can it be that nobody seems to work on this 26
months old feature request?
Hyperlinking is essential for web documents.
The most modern browsers already offer a native
implementation, we urgently need this feature!

I would love to see this feature implemented in 0.44,
because it is so important but should be easy to implement
on the other hand.

Keep up the good work,

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Horkana-users (horkana-users) wrote :

> But how can it be that nobody seems to work on this 26
months old feature request?

Developers are all volunteers working on whatever interests
them most or they feel is important. requests could remain
open for _years_ and having a request remain open for months
is not long at all.

Even if you are not able to provide code yourself, it might
be possible to sponsor a developer or otherwise help make
some progress on this feature.

You might be interested to read the follwing document about
support expectations:
it was written about Abiword but it applies equally well to
other open source projects such as Inkscape

Hyperlinking is on the roadmap and it is definately part of
the plan, it is required for SVG complaince so do not worry
it will get done eventually.

thanks for your feedback and thanks for promoting Inkscape
to your friends

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Philip-rhoades (philip-rhoades) wrote :

Originator: NO

I have an application in mind that HAS TO HAVE this facility - has anyone
got any idea what it would cost to pay for it to be implemented? I might
be able to afford it . .



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Kidproto (kidproto) wrote :

Originator: YES

Phil, please contact me and/or on the inkscape-devel mailing list about
this. I'm <email address hidden> (jon phillips).


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Peter Lewerin (vermeil-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

I'm confirming this in accordance to <URL http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/BugTriageProjects>.

Changed in inkscape:
status: New → Confirmed
Tom Davidson (tjd-mit)
Changed in inkscape:
importance: High → Wishlist
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