Comment 6 for bug 966244

Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

with respect to the Problem: The py-file effects other the print-option in other Window-programs.
I'll look at that more carefully this weekend.

With respect to Wish 1: Is it possible to get the file-name in state of “Inktscape Pyton Print”
- unfortunately, I don't know of any way of getting access to the file name. For those extensions that do import or export of files, the file name is always known, but for the effects on the Extensions menu, I believe that the only file name that is known is the name of a temporary file which is not related in any way to the real file name.

as a possible alternative, I am attaching a new version of the Python code which attaches a time stamp to the name of the print job so that each print job will be unique. could you let me know whether that is helpful?