Comment 10 for bug 944077

su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

Could the fix for this bug be reviewed?

AFAICT the crash occurs when running extensions in documents which use an arbitrary ID for the node <namedview> (other than what is used in default templates) -> e.g. when opening PDF files, Plain SVG files, or other SVG documents which originally didn't have this custom node at all (Inkscape in such cases assigns a new ID based on its normal scheme: name of the xml node + a random number).

Apparently the regression was introduced by the patch for
  Bug #789122 “changing current layer through an extension”
which AFAIU retrieves the node <namedview> by the ID it has in default templates ("base"). Is the some hidden rule for 'Inkscape SVG' that a <namedview> is not a real <namedview> node unless it has the ID "base"? AFAICT other parts of Inkscape handle such <namedview> nodes just fine (i.e. are able to load the settings independent of the ID).

The current fix for this bug (bug #944077) simply ignores <namedview> nodes which have a different ID (probably breaking the patch for bug #789122 for all documents which are not based on the default document).

Isn't there a different way to retrieve the node <namedview> other than by an (arbitrary) ID "base"?

        SPObject *obj = mydoc->getObjectById("base");

        // Getting the named view from the document generated by the extension
        SPNamedView *nv = (SPNamedView *) obj;

        //Check if it has a default layer set up
        if ( nv != NULL){
            if( nv->default_layer_id != 0 ) {
                SPDocument *document = desktop->doc();
                //If so, get that layer
                layer = document->getObjectById(g_quark_to_string(nv->default_layer_id));