Comment 3 for bug 822178

nevit (nevilo) wrote :

It would not differ from an end-user view that either microsoft or inkscape team makes a thumbnail explorer. Inkscape can do the job in file open dialog, or separate explorer.

Inkscape already has inkview.exe which can render svg's. Needed programming: 1. Render raster thumbnails (render without filters & extras). (Keepthem in a local database or delete them after closing file open dialog) 2. Sort them by name, time, etc. (I guess already present in file open dialog) 3. Click to open intended file in Inkscape

Microsoft has to write an entire SVG rendering engine to create thumbnails.

There is currently only one 3 party application which helps with creating SVG thumbnails. Irfanview. I attach a screenshot. Recent versions of Irfanview render SVG in Thumbnail browser.

This is just a suggestion. Inkscape can decide to be part of solution in managing large numbers of SVG files or say this is not our priority. I do not know how many people are affected but for whom who need a urgent solution Irfan v. provides one. Just a feature request. & Thanks Suv for tracking all bugs and requests.