Comment 17 for bug 819209

su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

> How exactly do I do it?

You patiently wait until packagers have had the time and resources to make new packages for Mac OS X available based on the sources of the latest bug-fix release. As soon as the new packages are available, the bug-fix release will be announced on

If you are an impatient user and are comfortable with modifying a file or two inside application bundles, you can apply the workaround described here yourself to Inkscape 0.48.2. Note that detailed instructions for users are outside the scope of the bug tracker: see for example related questions in the 'Answers' section for Inkscape here at launchpad:

- unmodified version of Inkscape 0.48.2 installed
  (NOTE: best practice might be to drag and drop a copy of from the DMG it into your own user account - editing the one installed in /Applications might fail if you don't have the necessary privileges)
- alternative text editor is available
  (NOTE: Apple's TextEdit will *not* work due to the new Autosave gimmick on Lion)
- quit all open Inkscape windows

Detailed instructions:
<> and below