Comment 9 for bug 813886

AFAICT the missing labels of the axes (outlined text) appear to get wrongly clipped by the clip-path defined inside the group with the plotted function curve, also referenced as clip-path e.g. for the dashed grid-lines:

<g id="line2d1">
  <clipPath id="pd418c698b57440e61e82ddaeb541b327">
<rect x="72.000000" y="171.360000" width="446.400000" height="89.280000"/>
</defs><path style="fill: none; stroke: #0000ff; stroke-width: 1.000000; stroke-linejoin: round; stroke-linecap: square; opacity: 1.000000" clip-path="url(#pd418c698b57440e61e82ddaeb541b327)" d="M72.000000 216.000000L76.464000 211.543436L80.928000 207.131401 (…) />

Tested modification:
a) After changing the size of the rectangular clip-path 'pd418c698b57440e61e82ddaeb541b327' to the page size (W = 720, H = 540, X = 0, Y = 0) the file exports to EPS correctly (no missing parts) - see attached SVG file, externally modified with a plain-text editor.
b) Alternatively, 'Ctrl+click' on one of the labels for the axes in Inkscape, move it with the arrow keys inside the diagram area and save a copy as EPS: as soon as the object is within that area defined by the clip-path, it is visible in the EPS file.