Comment 22 for bug 813886

Just had this bug bite me. Was really confused as to what was happening when my some of my EPS files where missing several items, yet a PDF export of the same SVG file had all the items. Good thing I found this before I reported another duplicate.

Still, this bug is really messing me up as I needed to export an EPS file of the SVG file I'm working on right now. Luckily, I had a copy of the 7z archive of inkscape-0.48.1-2 on my HD, exported that to my desktop and started up that old version and was able to get my EPS that I needed right away and then go back to 0.48.4 for other stuff. :)

Hopefully, the newer version of Cairo can make an appearance in 0.48.5 for Windows if that does get released before 0.49.