Comment 7 for bug 802904

> It would probably be best to mark this as "Won't Fix"

bool FileOpenDialogImplWin32::set_svg_preview()
    return false;
    // NOTE: it's not worth the effort to fix this to use Cairo.
    // Native file dialogs are unmaintainable and should be removed anyway.


Prior to that me thinks this ought to be discussed in 'inkscape-devel' whether reverting to the GTK+ dialogs in the Windows port is commonly accepted or whether Inkscape does have volunteers to keep the native dialogs updated, possibly as optional feature.

IIRC there are feature requests for both in the bug tracker by Windows users - to enhance the native dialogs, as well as to revert to the GTK+ dialogs, e.g.
Bug #417365 “please make the gtkfilechooser available again on windows”
Bug #437540 “On Vista, use Vista style file dialogs”