Comment 3 for bug 722625

su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

> These have to be available in a submenu in the Select menu (…)

I would agree that the functionality of the 'Find…' dialog is too deeply buried (the dialog can't be docked (bug #592323) nor remembers the last used settings (bug #480847, bug #456180)). Personally I think an enhanced, dockable 'Find…' dialog is easier and more versatile to use (and allows quicker access to the various options than a submenu).

> (…) and all have keyboard shortcuts

There are already too few keys available - instead of adding individual shortcuts for all those select modes it would need to be assured that all modes do have verbs which would allow to map them individually to keyboard shortcuts if required by the user. They could be accessed using the normal shortcuts for menu commands ('Alt' + underlined character in the text of the menu item).

> selecting parts of grouped objects (…)

Maybe better discussed in bug #172127 “Optionally forbid selections outside working group”?

> (…) I would suggest to set it *not* to select objects inside grouped objects.

Your proposed default depends on your personally preferred workflow, but possibly not for others. At the moment the 'Find…' dialog is the only command that allows to recursively select objects across groups and layers, which is very useful IMHO e.g. when mass-changing certain attributes of a sub-set of objects without needing to know in which layer/group they are). Also, you already can limit the scope of the search (current selection|layer, include hidden|locked).

Overall related earlier feature requests:
Bug #170378 “Select All by Stroke or Fill Color” (plus duplicates)
Bug #171685 “Smart Select”