Comment 6 for bug 669267

Thank you for confirming the error. At this point I don't know enough about the program to know if it is something I didn't know that caused the problem. I did notice that exporting as a bitmap created a file with a .png extension instead of the usual .bmp that I usually see in graphics programs. I don't know the difference, and just learned that png was a raster image, not a vector.

What would be a really nice Tool, or perhaps an option on the PIck Colors / eyedropper tool, is to allow it to 'pick up' a pattern instead of just averaging the color from one. This would save a lot of steps in bringing in bitmap patterns from other files to use as fill. I had to use Photoshop to crop a .jpg pattern because I couldn't figure out how to crop in Inkscape.

I know Inkscape is a vector program, but it seems to have all the code to merge the vector and raster data already, it would sure speed things up with what I do, that being reproducing antique artwork on machinery tags and decals.

In discussing the available Save As options, it would be nice to have .jpg as an option, either in the Save As list, or in the Export selection, since there are a lot of sites that prefer .jpg for website display, especially the forums. That is actually why I found the .png bug in the first place, since I was looking for a format that the forum I frequent accepts, and .png was one of them.

I do like the program, I have been looking for an easy to use vector program ever since Wordperfect Drawperfect was (I guess) rolled into Corel Draw, which is way too difficult to learn for some reason. Kudos to everyone who develops and maintains Inkscape, you are creating a great program.