Comment 46 for bug 630639

Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

>>> can a solution be developed that combines the file->print raster with the Win32 Vector Print

just offhand, I can not see any easy way of doing this. The File->Print routine is written in C, while the Win32 Vector Print is written in Python, so they cannot easily be integrated. Also, the Win32 Vector Print is a Windows-specific solution that will not work on any other platform. (If I understand the situation correctly, it is not actually needed on other platforms.)

>>> it would also be nice if this solution would also temporarily (or internally) resize the strokes to ensure vector output

In this case the answer is a bit more optimistic. The Win32 routine was written in such a way that the Inkscape user could choose the stroke width appropriately for each individual object so as to get either raster or vector output (of the stroke only), depending on what you want for each object. If you had decided that you wanted everything to be written as vector, then you could modify the Python script to force everything to be done as vector output, regardless of the Inkscape stroke width. For example, go to line 67 of the file in the directory \Inkscape\share\extensions\ and over-write the stroke value to be so small that you are guaranteed to get vector output. Then you could use any stroke width you like in Inkscape to make it easier to see, but still get the desired output.