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'reporting on the basis of "request a new feature" link:

When it comes to object blur and clipping, you guys did it! blows my mind! but...
Suggested Augmentation: Vector work-flow, in all the forms I've seen, is very cruel to the artist--forcing many breaks in concentration. The overall goal of having blurred objects and clipping (from the artists perspective) is as basic as a coloring book--being able to shade in-between the lines.

If you created a clip-draw or "open" clip drawing mode, where you could add to the contents of a clip actively--while still masking the boundaries, this would be a spacial colorist's dream come true, and would make Inkscape the only tool I use for comicbook color. More specifically, if this clip drawing mode "simply worked" instantly on the selected object, or possible just on the object whose boundary you begin to draw within, a clip-"paint", I'd be most satisfied.

In imagining a plan of my own to edit the source ['am helpless. please help]:

step #1: allow the clipping object to retain it's stroke and fill properties--as a background and boarder to it's container object (instead of disappearing entirely). This would make the invisibility of the clipping object a choice, with it's own stroke/fill/blur properties retained(a blurred clip is however extremely unnecessary, but as such would be extremely fancy--'not a request of mine). Retaining a colored clipping object may be tricky--I don't know what the source looks like, but I'd assume you could create a hidden group out of the clipping object and a duplicate of the original colored clipping object behind the newly formed clipped object, and all potentially newly formed clipped objects (something to perhaps remember when creating the clip-draw tool)--all going on "behind the scenes"<--please ignore anything you deem amateur gibberish postulations, and misguided code logic. You guys have done much fancier things than this. From here on out, only solid educated guesses:

step #2: Include the blur value in the saved values for the default stroke and fill. This way, blur could be treated like a brush value is treated in bitmap software. This would also require an object independent, stroke/fill/blur properties window, with some indication (add an icon to the pre-existing property dialogue?) to denote that you are editing "the default" creation properties.

step#3: Make the default stroke/fill front and center, readily editable, with minimal to no dialogues to confirm changes to it. IF no objects are selected THEN color selection and stroke/fill/blur properties are automatically assigned to the default creation value (no confirmation window-just the status indicator, and the newly formed "Default Stroke/Fill Properties Dialog"--augmented by the denoting icon/label).

step#4: Create the clip-draw mode itself. Use the system in place to: 1. record which object's path the user starts to draw in, 2. Green active preview draw/Create a shape 3. place that shape "inside of" the object in which it's creation was initiated (the one recorded--1.)

Thank you. 'awesome stuff you've done!

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su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

related to bug #394475 “Feature request: clipping mask / paste inside”?

tags: added: clipping
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Rena Kunisaki (i-am-inuyasha) wrote :

I think a proper summary of this request is "allow clipping masks to be displayed and edited while they're active", which I agree with. Having to release, edit, and apply again every time you want to edit the clipping mask is a bother.

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su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

HyperHacker wrote:
> a proper summary of this request is "allow clipping masks to be
> displayed and edited while they're active"

I don't think this would be the correct summary. The feature is already implemented in Inkscape 0.47: the clipping or masking path can be edited without unclipping or unmasking using the node tool.
see <>

Christopher wrote:
> clip drawing mode, where you could add to the contents of a clip
> actively--while still masking the boundaries

The new feature for 0.48 to optionally auto-group clipped or masked objects (bug #394475) allows to edit (and add to) the contents of a clip or mask without releasing it first.
see <>

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