Comment 9 for bug 378669

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Alvin Penner wrote:
> - two questions, have all your Inkscape installations been done into the same directory, or have you used more than one location for installation? Maybe it is not finding files that used to exist in earlier installations.
All've been done into C:\Program Files\Inkscape, as additive operations

> - you can give it a fresh start by going to the directory C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Inkscape
> and renaming the preferences.xml file. This will force it to redefine all the defaults as though it was the first time.

> - other than that all I can think of is to re-install the 0.46 stable version to get the icons back and then unzip the new development version on top of this. The icons are all in a file called \Inkscape\share\icons\icons.svg
'Twas the procedure used this time!

I shall proceed apace.