Comment 22 for bug 334800

XP Pro 32 SP3

Inkscape 0.47-3 r22583 Nov 21 2009

Aiptek Slim USB tablet (rebadged)

This issue did not affect me in v0.46.

When Inkscape starts, I cannot draw on the canvas, but I can click menus and toolbars with the pen. The fix mentioned above works but only until Inkscape is closed. On restart the tablet must be configured again.

The devices menu has the same issue as but still configures the device ok.

I also have a similar error (to bug 306322) on startup: "The preferences file C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\inkscape\preferences.xml is not a valid XML document. Inkscape will run with default settings, and new settings will not be saved."

I have tried renaming and also deleting this file but the error still appears.

This error was not present on the fresh install, but only appeared after I configured the tablet and saved the configuration.

This particular aspect of this bug is particularly annoying since it makes autosave useless.

Hope this helps.