Comment 2 for bug 307005

I guess I would think it would paste a normal, editable object...

I'm copying from Inkscape into Inkscape, not even moving between windows. After the paste operation, the pasted object is a bitmap, and doesn't act at all like the original object. (So, I'm getting an imported .png file, apparently.)

For example, if I copy & paste an ellispe, I would think that clicking on the pasted copy after picking the ellispe tool would let me change the elispe.

If it helps any, I notice when I click on the original, the status bar says 'Segment in Layer 1', which clicking on the copy says 'Image 242x100: /path_to_file'.

I can try to install a different version of XQuartz, if needed. I kind of hope that's not the fix, because the latest one finally makes my wacom tablet work properly in inkscape & gimp.