Comment 33 for bug 262617

jazzynico (jazzynico) wrote :

New patch which addresses the URI vs IRI bug. URIs (starting with file:) are now converted to IRI (filenames) and the resulting path is enclosed with single quotes in order to prevent the parser from splitting the href on white spaces.

Two remaining bugs (at least) need to be solved before committing:
1. Manually modified path are not taken into account when clicking the browse button (the dialog path is set to the last path selected with the dialog) [affects the gtk dialog].
2. Inkscape sometimes crashes when opening the dialog on Windows.

@~suv - Do you still have one of my very first patches (the first or second)? I'm quite sure bug #2 is relatively recent, but unfortunately I didn't keep my old diff files (I did all my recent Windows tests with a gtk dialog and thus discovered the bug just after switching back to the native dialog)...