Ability to open remote SVGs

Bug #226782 reported by peepo on 2008-05-05
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Bug Description

Is there a reason the GUI does not provide the ability to open files from the web?
eg file open location: http://www.openicon.org/icon-ark/mulberry/fruit.svgz

Copying cloned objects between files fails
this bug is blocked by: https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/167907

parity Amaya
one could provide a choice between a symbolic link, or copying the symbol into one's code.
however in general the first is to be preferred as it allows for easier maintenance, and lowers web traffic.

this bug is particularly significant for SVG search engines such as openicon:
this pre-alpha currently requires recent builds of opera, batik or amaya.

sas (sas-sas) wrote :

Opening from the web works in Win32 development builds. Can someone confirm that it also works on Linux?

(The file fruit.svgz doesn't render correctly at present, but that's an unrelated problem, probably bug 227021.)

peepo (j-chetwynd) wrote :

sas are you stating that win32 development builds allow one to open remote files by uri?

this bug does not refer to opening files that have been downloaded from the web and stored locally.
apologies, but your comment is not explicit to my understanding...

os x 10.5.2 inkscape 0.46

sas (sas-sas) wrote :

I mean that you can paste a URI such as


into the "File name" box in the open dialog, click Open, and it will open.

peepo (j-chetwynd) wrote :

right - tx

I get the dialogue - Failed to load the requested file /http:/openclipart.org/people/HakanL/HakanL_Simple_Flower.svg

for any files, yet am connected to the web.

so this bug maybe os x specific


sas (sas-sas) wrote :

I don't think this is a bug, just a missing feature. It works in recent Windows builds because these builds use native Windows file dialogs, but a proper "open from the web" dialog would be better (and more obvious to the user).

Changed in inkscape:
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
peepo (j-chetwynd) wrote :

please cange 'importance'
it's broken for os x in 0.46, as described.
it is plainly not wishlist as you state it works in win.

peepo (j-chetwynd) wrote :

this is a specification issue.

the spec includes <svg:use> for remote or external files.
this will be hard or possibly impossible to implement in an authoring tool without a means to address the remote file.

this has particular ramifications for search engines and people with slow or intermittent connections.
hence openclipart does not have a graphical search facility...

Pablo Trabajos (pajarico) wrote :

peepo, try a recent version. 0.46 had the GTK dialogs, that might be the cause of your problem.
About your last comment, I don't see how that's relevant...


peepo (j-chetwynd) wrote :

#8 pablo,

remains broken for Inkscape-0.47pre2-3.LEOPARD+.dmg

file/open paste uri into 'location', new dialogue:

tried Failed to load the requested file /Applications/Inkscape.app/http:/openclipart.org/people/HakanL/HakanL_Simple_Flower.svg

fwiw: this is not "my problem" this is a bug with the inkscape application.

summary: - file open location
+ Ability to open SVGs from the Web
summary: - Ability to open SVGs from the Web
+ Ability to open remote SVGs
Changed in inkscape:
status: New → Confirmed
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