Comment 2 for bug 189954

nojhan (nojhan-gmail) wrote :

The PNG specification (version 1.2) indicates :
« The iTXt, tEXt, and zTXt chunks are used for conveying textual information associated with the image. This specification refers to them generically as "text chunks".
Each of the text chunks contains as its first field a keyword that indicates the type of information represented by the text string. The following keywords are predefined and should be used where appropriate:
   Title Short (one line) title or caption for image
   Author Name of image's creator
   Description Description of image (possibly long)
   Copyright Copyright notice
   Creation Time Time of original image creation
   Software Software used to create the image
   Disclaimer Legal disclaimer
   Warning Warning of nature of content
   Source Device used to create the image
   Comment Miscellaneous comment; conversion from GIF comment »

Regarding inkscape, iTXt may be the good one to use.

More informations on the specs concerning chunks: