Grid snap settings in Doc Properties - Label Improvements (wishlist)

Bug #1806815 reported by TylerDurden on 2018-12-05
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Currently, the settings for grid snapping in the Document Properties dialog has two choices: "Always snap" and "Snap only when closer than:" (with slider control).

The behavior of the "Always snap" setting is such that the snap is constrained to only grid intersections.

The behavior of the "Only snap when closer than:" setting is such that the snap can be attracted to grid lines or grid intersections, the snap distance set by a slider control.

The attached screenshot shows the current behavior of a grid setting ("Only Only snap when closer than:"), and the resulting snap behavior with message.

Suggest label changes:
- from "Always snap", to "Always snap to grid intersections".
- from "Only snap when closer than:", to "Snap to grid lines or intersections when closer than:"

Given the horizontal space already allotted to accommodate the sliders, there is adequate space for the more descriptive labels.


TylerDurden (8thrule) wrote :
summary: - Grid snap settings in Doc Properties - Label Improvements
+ Grid snap settings in Doc Properties - Label Improvements (wishlist)
TylerDurden (8thrule) on 2018-12-05
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Hi Tyler,

Snapping works best when it the movement required for the snapping is rather small. When the movement is too big, your object would snap over a long distance, making a large jump. This is very unintuitive for the user, and would likely not result in the desired snapping. The settings you mentioned are exactly for this purpose.

This is however independent of the grids, it should also work like this when no grids are present. That is, when "always snap" is enabled, it would always snap to something if it can. Grids or no grids. It's just that in the case a grid is present, snapping to that grid is likely the closest solution Inkscape can find, because there is always some grid line or intersection near. Closer than any other object. So it might appear that "Always snap" means "Always snap to grid intersections", but that is not really the case.

Best regards,


Nathan Lee (nathan.lee) on 2019-05-22
tags: added: bug-migration
Nathan Lee (nathan.lee) wrote :

I can indeed get "Always snap" to snap to grid lines (not intersections) although, in a pretty edgecase scenario. I reckon this is because snapping is probably related to the screen size (i.e. zoom factor) and the threshold is high enough that it snaps to the intersections in most sensible cases.

Attached is a file that demonstrates this (find the green rectangle and try snapping when no guide intersections or object intersections are visible)

I am unsure how to proceed with this issue, so have removed the bug-migration tag. If someone else is sure of what to do, please close the issue as appropriate :-)

tags: removed: bug-migration

Yes, the snapping distance is measured in screen pixels. Inkscape prefers fully constrained snaps (in both X and Y, i.e. snapping to a point) over partly constrained snaps (i.e. to a line, where one degree of freedom is still remaining). That's why it is difficult to snap to grid lines, if you want to avoid snapping to grid intersections. This "always snap" also works with guides though, which is easier to demonstrate.

The labels are technically correct; I don't seen how we could improve on this, so I'm going to mark this bug as "invalid". I cannot select "won't fix" for some reason.

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