grid does not align to rulers

Bug #1782024 reported by Christopher M. Rogers on 2018-07-16
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Bug Description

The rulers should always align to the grid if the grid is in the same units as the document (which it always should be by default unless the user changes it manually).

But they don't... and also, there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it either.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a new document
2. View > Page Grid (turn on)
3. File > Document Properties > Grid
4. Change value to mm to match document

Result: Nothing happens. The grid does not change to match the ruler unit markings.

Proposed fix:
1. The default units for a new page grid should be the same units as the display units of the document.
2. This value can be changed by the user if other units are needed via File > Document Properties > Grids

Recommendation: I recommend that the page grid always matches the ruler units. The rulers are a visual indication of where things are on the page, and having the grid be different units with different measurements than the ruler is confusing and unnecessary. There's no situation I can think of where it's not a mistake. :)

What about multiple grid overlays you ask? That's easy - just keep the units of the ruler the same as the first grid by default. Then if the user really wants to do something awful like have multiple grids with different units on it, they can switch the display units in document properties to see their alternative grid measurements reflected in the ruler readout. This way, it will be apparent right way which grid the ruler is reading, because the marks will be aligned perfectly to whichever unit increments are showing.

Inkscape 0.92.0+devel+201807081751~ubuntu18.04.1

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