Comment 6 for bug 1730246

Patrick Storz (ede123) wrote :

Hm, OK...

Unfortunately changing the layout order *should* have the same effect as the fix in master I had in mind for back-porting. There have been some additional changes in master but they are a higher regression risk, so I feel a bit uncomfortable with back-porting. Last but not least shortcuts are handled by GTK+ and we switched from gtk2 to gtk3, so it might even be a difference in the toolkit itself.

Just to be sure:
- [1] is the dialog I have in mind
- You have to put a latin layout (e.g. English)
  as the first layout.
- You have to restart you PC once (this is important!)
After that shortcuts should work in 0.92.2 as they do in the nightly build.

If this does not help we'd have to dig deeper...