Comment 1 for bug 1722844

johannes (fghgfh832) wrote :

Many, if not all, verbs seem to require GUI. The basic command line interface is a bit restricted and I agree that it would be very useful to have more options, e.g. when one wants to do batch conversion of a large number of images.

But what you want to do, should be possible.

Using command line, you can save as (plain) SVG using

You can fit the canvas of the resulting image by using

BUT this does not work when exporting as SVG. It does work when exporting as EPS or PNG.

So as a workaround, you can export to EPS, then convert back to SVG:

inkscape --without-gui --export-eps=TEMPFILENAME.eps --export-area-drawing OLDFILENAME.svg

inkscape --without-gui --export-plain-svg=NEWFILENAME.svg TEMPFILENAME.eps

More complex operations *might* be possible via Python scripting but I have no experience on that.