Comment 1 for bug 171886

Originator: NO

AFAIK, this is already available in current inkscape versions:
with the text tool, span the piece of text you want to modify. Hit the B
or I button, turns bold or italics. You can also change it's size with the
usual drop-down box. And it's vertical position with Alt+arrows: everything
you need for subscript/superscript. However, reproducing exactly the same
properties on each and every superscript string in your text can prove
cumbersome: As Ctrl+c/Ctrl+Shift+v (copy and paste style) does not work on
text spans, you have to use the XML editor to ensure your kerning values
are equal from one ton another. So my proposition would be twofold:
1/Add subscript/superscript buttons (divides size by 3, vertical kerning+=
80% of original size)
2/Enable copy & paste of styles on text spans (not that easy if selection
spans several styles when copying...).