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Bug #171685 reported by Gf3 on 2007-01-27
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Some type of "smart object selection tool" would be very useful. What I
imagined was a dialog where the user could select the properties (stroke
colour, fill colour, layer, etc...) of the objects they would like
selected. Once all properties are selected, and OK is clicked all objects
matching the given criteria are selected. The user could then act upon
those objects. This would be useful when designing lets say a web page with
a blue theme, but when spring rolls around you want to change all the blue
items on your template to green. The "smart select" tool would come in
handy. Another example, lets say you have 50 objects on a layer (27 with an
orange stroke) and you later decide that your composition would look better
if all the objects that currently had an orange stroke were actually filled
with pink instead. Selecting those 27 objects with an orange stroke would
be a snap. I know I would use this type of tool extensively.

Gf3 (gf3) wrote :

Originator: YES

Or perhaps a revamp of the 'Find' tool, not very intuitive.

nightrow (jb-benoit) on 2007-12-17
Changed in inkscape:
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
Ryan Lerch (ryanlerch) on 2008-01-14
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status: New → Triaged
su_v (suv-lp) on 2010-06-28
tags: added: selection
removed: other
su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

Duplicate of bug #170378 “Select All by Stroke or Fill Color”?

David Merrick (miscellaneous) wrote :

Yes please, this would be very important
A related way of performing it would be to highlight a selection, and the various format-combinations are listed for selection just like in MSWord "Formatting in Use"
you could definite the characteristics of interest eg tick "Fill Colour, Border Color" and when you make a selection you get eg "Orange Fill Red Border", then "Orange Fill Blue Line" etc according to the different combinations in the selection
These can then be right-clicked to select and work upon

David Mathog (mathog) wrote :

The existing Edit->find tool is not user friendly. One must be fairly expert with the program to use it at all, let alone well. This is because the fields are all just blanks, so knowing what to put in "style", for instance, requires considerable expertise. Most users would not even to know to look for it. I suggest removing "Edit->find" - so that the absence of a user friendly general selection dialog will be weighted appropriately in the development plans.

I think a more generalized select dialog (select...) would not be all that difficult to implement or to use. Fields that might appear there would include:

0. button: reset defaults
1. radio buttons: make selection[default], add to selection, remove from selection
2. pulldown list: object type (any[default], rectangle, text, path,etc.)
3. check box: fill + matching attributes (color,pattern, etc.)
4. check box:stroke + matching attributes (color, width, pattern,joins, caps)
5. check box:font + pull down list (select by font name) + (==,<=,<,>,>=,!=) size
6. check box:text + text field to search for
7. check box:fill opacity + (==,<=,<,>,>=,!=) opacity
8. check box:stroke opacity + (==,<=,<,>,>=,!=) opacity
9. radio buttons: from selected, from not selected, any[default]
10. checkbox:ID + ID string
11. checkbus:vs. selected1 + radio buttons: any[default], included, overlapping, excluded
12. checkbox:vs. selected2 + radio buttons: any[default], above, below
13. checkbox:radius + (==,<=,<,>,>=,!=) distance
14. checkbox: level + checkboxes:below,same,above
15. checkbox: locked
16. checkbox: hidden
17. checkbox:obscured + radiobuttons:completely,partially
and so forth.

The logic being that if a particular term was enabled it would be further restrict the selection.

Here is an example where this sort of thing would be useful. The other day I had a complex drawing where there were about 15 "name tags", consisting of black text on a white rectangle, each of these was grouped. I needed to make the text red. These were the only white rectangles. With a system like the one above I would have done:

select -> make selection: object-type: rectangle, fill color:white
select -> make selection: objject-type:text, vs. selected 1:included

Which would have selected only the text I needed to change, and nothing else.

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