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Bug #171602 reported by crgand on 2006-11-15
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When text flow inside frame and frame has background color and/or border
there must the ability to set the space between text and frame border so
that text don't touch frame border.

Horkana-users (horkana-users) wrote :

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"there must the ability to set the space between text and frame border"

Are you saying this already exists in the SVG specification and you want a
graphical user interface to control it? (If it is in the specifications an
exact reference would likely help developers.)
Are you asking how this should work as a user and would you be interesed
in a workaround this to get the spacing you need?

if it is the latter case then the inset/outset features might give you a
way to put another box outside your existing one and make it look like a
border spaced further out.

If this is something you have come to expect from another program then
illustrations/screenshots could be helpful to developers considering how
they might implement similar functionality in Inkscape as they may not be
familiar with or have access to the software you have learned.

crgand (crgand) wrote :

Originator: YES

I'm used with Desk Top Publishing programs as QuarkXpress or Scribus. On
these programs text box has background color, border stroke with
style/color and control over space between text and border. Resizing
textbox the text flow inside the box instead, with some keybinding, text is

Working a little more with Inkscape these features can be achieved using
two rectangles, a text object and "Flow into Frame" and/or "inset/outset"
features. Just a longer way to get the same results.
A GUI that control text box background color, border and inset space is
imho a good functions to implement. But I don't know if this is on SVG

Anyway, out of this topic, I realized that having text with different
style (normal, bold, italic) in the same box is a must features to achieve.
Unless I'm still miss something :)

Thanks for your attention.

dcberg (david-sipsolutions) wrote :

Originator: NO

Hey come on, Alan! there _must_ be ;)
No seriously, one is used to this from other programs. I'm talking mainly
InDesign here, because afterall Inkscape is so powerful that it can replace
most of the other programs.
So, as Carlo explains, this is especialls important, when you want a
background colour or a stroke. This should be a setting of the text box
(the element, the text is flown in.
Hmm, so to actually do this might be hard. I thought clones might do the
trick, but the don't because I can't change the colours of the clone nor
can I inset or outset...
I don't have quite a good idea yet.

dcberg (david-sipsolutions) wrote :

Originator: NO

OK, I forgot about linked offset!
so the trick is: when you flow a text into a frame, create a linked offset
of that frame without any fill or stroke (works) and flow the text into
this. Now the rest is done by just editing the offset!
I mean this is plain perfect! You only have to prohibit this linked offset
to be selected.
I've attached a image, where I did the following steps

1. create a shape and a text
2. create a linked offset of the shape and offset it manually
3. change the colour and stroke of the offsetted shape
4. flow the text into this offsetted shape

/me is jupping up and down very excited abou this ;)

dcberg (david-sipsolutions) wrote :

Originator: NO

Ok, I don't know how to make an attachement. so just follow the steps.

Horkana-users (horkana-users) wrote :

Originator: NO

> I realized that having text with different
> style (normal, bold, italic) in the same box
> is a must features to achieve.
> Unless I'm still miss something :)

I''m reasonably sure that can already be displayed but there is not yet
any graphical user interface for formatting in that way.

Ryan Lerch (ryanlerch) on 2008-01-15
Changed in inkscape:
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Kjohrf (kjohrf) wrote :

This would be a great addition. I just recently could have used this feature. It would look much better to have a border area around text and doing this with one path instead of needing two is much more convenient. If one changes, you need to change the other.

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