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Bug #170692 reported by Nelg on 2005-04-21
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It would be really neat if there was a drawing tool that
allowing a turtle / logo type programme as input, and would
draw the output on the canvas of inkscape.

Something along the lines of another button on the drawing
tools, when clicked on, opens up a code window where a
turtle programme can be written / loaded. When the turtle
programme is run, the resulting lines that the turtle
programme usually draws would be made into nodes /
lines in inkscape, where the user could then edit them.

A simple example might be to draw a line that looks like a
set of stairs. Consider the following code
# draws a set of stairs
repeat 10 [
  turnleft 90
  forward 40
  turnright 90
  forward 30

This is pretty simple to programme, but could take some
time to draw by hand using the inkscape tools. I see that
this, plus the far more advanced things you can do with
turtle could be a valuable addition to inkscape, while being
very little work to build, as the source for both gnome turtle
and kturtle is available and all the tool has to do is to draw
lines from one point to the next point where the direction
has changed.

I'd be happy to hear all comments, as have just thought of
this idea during 2005.

Bug Importer (bug-importer) wrote :

SVG itself is already a XML-based scripting language. I am not so sure if
there is any translator between XSL/SVG and Logo.

Horkana-users (horkana-users) wrote :

Does a Gnome LOGO or Gnome Turtle exist? (Could you provide
links please)
Perhaps it might be better to add SVG export there. (I have
filed a request for SVG Export in Kturtle which should be
relatively easy to add using the built in SVG export support
in QT.)

There have also been some other requests for the ability to
mathematically generate paths.

It would certainly be nice if someone were interested enough
to implement this as a plugin or extension but it doesn't
seem like something the core developers would necessarily be
interested in. You never know, it might happen but dont get
you hopes up.

Nelg (nelg) wrote :

How would you see a translator working? I was thinking that
turtle would work as another drawing tool, rather than taking a
whole turtle app and turning it into a drawing... more like, if I
wanted to draw something that is easy in code to do, but hard
with standard drawing tools.

Nelg (nelg) wrote :

Gnome Turtle

I agree, a svg export may be easier

Bpfowler (bpfowler) wrote :

Drawing ten stairs graphically ought to be easy:

Draw the first stair
Duplicate in place
Transform (Offset + Scale + Rotate + Perspective)
Power duplicate 9 more times

If not, then this is a bug.

I have to agree to that if you want to produce an SVG drawing
using Turtle/LOGO then adding SVG export to a full featured
Turtle implementation will probably be a more satisfactory
solution for you.

Having said that, it ought to be possible to add a LOGO
interpreter to Inkscape or (possibly more plausibly) provide
a means for Inkscape to communicate with an external
Turtle/LOGO interpreter. I would have that part of the DOM which
was generated externally be initally shown as a pink
rectangle or region, and refreshed as required, rather
as Javascript does with AJAX.

It would, of course, be better to do this in Javascript

A Turtle tool would not be my first thought, but I have to
admit that if I saw one, I would try it out: can you give
an account of its characteristics and how it would be used?

John Cliff (johncliff) on 2007-12-07
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grey tomorrow (gtomorrow) wrote :

Hi - thanks for reporting this bug, I've manually migrated it to Inkscape's new bug tracker on GitLab, and closed it here.

Please feel free to file new bugs about the issues you're seeing at .

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