Comment 4 for bug 170347

The ability to set the origin to some arbitrary point in the
drawing is would be appreaciated by me too. In Coreldraw the
origin is set by a clickn'drag to the little square in the
upper left corner of the drawing just next to the ruler. The
drag will move the origin to the point where the mouse is

While it is possible to work with corels origin feature,
inkscape could easily do better:

*) Mark the origin in the drawing area with a circled cross.
The size of this mark should not depend on the zoom of the

*) Allow for numerical entered displacement of the origin.

*) Allow to set the origin to some "special" points of the
page (e.g. center, top-left, bottom-right)

 *) The origin should snap to nodes, guides etc, if snapping
to these objects is enabled. (With corel, the origin snas to
nodes but not to guide lines.)

I see, that this request is already attached to a specific
developer. Does this mean that it wil be part of the nex
release? Keep getting better!